Microfinance is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lack access to banking and related services.

Target audience

This course is designed for all those who deal with investments in or funding for microfinance, financial sector development, or rural development in developing countries.


Participants have a graduate degree and several years of working experience. The course language is English.


Participants gain an advanced understanding of the way financial systems function and of the main issues, problem areas and current trends in financial systems development. They can explain how microfinance product development responds to demand and addresses financial market imperfections. They apply instruments for monitoring and evaluating the financial and social performance of investments in microfinance and financial sector development. Participants can also characterize different microfinance investment instruments and vehicles and understand the key principles of risk management of microfinance investments.

Course director

Dr. Annette Krauss, Center for Microfinance, University of Zurich


Dr. Annette Krauss Managing Director Center for Microfinance Department of Banking and Finance UZH
Hans Ramm Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development SDC Bern
Dr. Konrad Ellsässer President and Managing Director of FIDES Zurich
Christoph Dreher CSSP-Center for Social Sustainable Products AG Vaduz
Roland Steinmann MicroInsurance Centre Zurich


Active classroom attendance and case study homework


Attestation of participation (1 ECTS for Microfinance - Introduction, 2 ETCS for Microfinance - State of the Art).

The credits can be transferred to the CAS in Sustainable Finance executive degree program or to the MAS/DAS in Finance.


Presentations of conceptual frameworks with practical exercises and applications, complemented by discussions and exchange of experiences, group work exercises, and case studies. Course content is presented by renowned practitioners and specialists from academia.

Place & Date

Event Date Place
Lecture: Microfinance - Introduction June 25, 2018 Zurich
Lecture: Microfinance - State of the Art June 26, 2018 Zurich
Lecutre: Microfinance - State of the Art June 27, 2018 Zurich

Application deadline: May 31, 2018


Microfinance - Introduction: CHF 800 tuition, which covers all materials and breaks.

Microfinance - State of the Art: CHF 1 700 tuition, which covers all materials and breaks.

For both courses: CHF 2 300.–