The program is customized for acquiring relevant theoretical and practical knowledge in the different fields of banking and finance. Topics related to the business location and financial center Switzerland can be addressed too. The program can be adjusted upon mutual agreement and availability.

Asset Management

Sessions can cover the basics in asset management from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view. More specific topics as real estate finance, emerging markets finance and socially responsible investments are possible.


Sessions may include topics as the banking theory and environment, the lending business, the expanding market of socially responsible investments or sustainability in banking.

Corporate Finance

Sessions can encompass the basics in corporate finance (financing and investing) from a theoretical as well as practical point of view. Topics such as corporate valuation or governance can be covered too.

Corporate Taxes

Besides basic knowledge in corporate taxation, sessions may include the Swiss tax system as well as tax issues of nationally and internationally operating companies.

Derivative Instruments

On the one hand, sessions can offer an introduction to the valuation and application of derivative financial instruments. On the other hand, the functionality, application as well as the opportunities and risks of structured products can be covered.

Financial Center

Sessions about the financial center Switzerland as a whole, the Swiss financial system or financial crisis and countermeasures are available. Further, the financial infrastructure, the Swiss Financial Market Supervision (FINMA) or the regulatory and legal framework in Switzerland complete the topic range.

Fiscal Policy

Sessions in this field can include topics as the principles of fiscal policy, its importance for company settlements, intergovernmental coordination in fiscal policy or the Swiss fiscal federalism.


Sessions in this field can include different innovation programs in Switzerland and various start-up topics. For example innovation in Switzerland/financial sector of Switzerland, Economics of open innovation, financial challenges of innovative Swiss small & medium enterprises and innovation in environmental finance.

Monetary Policy

An introduction to the Swiss central bank and the monetary policy in Switzerland can be provided.

Risk Management

Sessions can encompass mathematical concepts and techniques in risk management. Additionally, concepts of the finance theory for risk management as well as the instruments and markets can be covered. Most important applications of risk management practices may also be comprised.


Various further topics are available upon request and agreement. Examples are e.g. microfinance (provision of financial services to low-income clients) or microinsurance (provision of low-cost and simple insurance services to low-income populations in developing countries).